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Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man I Seeking Sex Date

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Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man

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A girlfriend who: Is nicekindwarm Is into quality time Has a good sense of humor Is smartintelligent Is around my age (early 30s) Is somewhere in the femme vicinity (this doesn't apply to friends) Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man animals (or respectfully tolerates intellectuzl Enjoys simplicity in life as much as the finer things (on occasion) Is pboobsionate (about something, anything) Intellecgual in the East Bay (or willing to travel to the East Bay from Women seeking sex tonight West Salem to time) Is appreciativegrateful Can have a good time being lazy at home as much Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man out having fun Likes to have a drink now and then Doesn't smoke (not really a lntellectual on this, but it's a preference) Is secure in who she is Is loking monogamous than polyamorous Is into trying new things Is into soft butches A little about me: Cute soft butch Animal owner Funny Quirky Interesting Caring Loyal Independent Smart fast witted Goofy Prefer monogamy Generous Attentive Romantic Good conversationalist A bit nerdy Grounded Secure etc and so on. If you are interested, please send a and we will go from there. You were sexy as all get out. I'mand busty(40DDD); a smaller BBW. Wanting girl to teach me oral skills I am very serious about this, just want someone to teach me how to orally please a woman.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: Seeking For A Man
City: New York, NY
Hair: Black
Relation Type: Lonely Older Women Ready Find Single Women

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And to come to think of it, he is not even smarter or richer than you. So what is it about some men that ladies find irresistible while apparently more suitable guys get left out?

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The answer perhaps lies in personality types that attract women like moths to the flame; and in case you Naughty wives want nsa Val-dOr still wondering what they are, here is artisitc brief list of the ten types of guys women are inevitably drawn to.

Download the guide to seducing women. The ambitious go-getter He is guy who dreams of making it to the top of the professional ladder and has enough grit and competence to get him there. A woman is attracted to him because she knows that if she can stick long enough with him, she may find a life of luxury and indulgence awaiting her down the line.

However at the same time, she may not be able to spend as much time with him as she would like.

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Such a guy is bound to be intelligent, a pleasure to talk to but also a workaholic, pushing himself harder all the while to climb still higher. Indeed he may not even be above to using his partners to achieve his professional goals.

Incredibly though, this supreme ambition makes him all the more irresistible to a woman. The Sportsman He is the guy who has his weekends packed with matches with his fellow-players and when he is not on the field himself, he has his whole gang come over to watch a game on the TV.

And yet a woman in a relationship with him gall look forward to long hours spent in the outdoors - hiking, walking, biking amidst nature or camping to catch the beautiful sunset on the hills. Add to this, a fit, well-toned body coupled with an open, energetic mind and she may not mind all the loud cheering that goes on in her home during a match.

The Geek The best places to meet a Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man are probably at a dating website or at the library in the Computers section.

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Eventually though she will also come to appreciate the fact that he is a low-maintenance guy who is sufficiently wrapped up in himself so as not to expect her to massage his ego all the time. And even if sometimes shy and often socially inept, he is likely to come loaded with the greenbacks, thanks to profitable internet start-ups and high-paid software jobs. Meet millionaire men at MillionaireMatch.

He is only too happy to let the good things of life find him and incredibly enough Lady Luck does seem have a way of walking half-way to meet him — or Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man could he Mature women looking to fuck Wauwatosa up attracting girls left and right? Even though this guy may not make a living selling paintings on the sidewalk, he is probably engaged in something that allows him to express his artistic side - like a curator in a museum, a intellectula designer with a reputed studio or a photo-editor in a magazine.

Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man

He may not bring home the biggest pay packet but that is because he likes to be engaged in work that Women want sex Eckhart Mines his creativity. And even though he is liable to be sometimes moody and unpredictable, women find him irresistible because he can woo them like no other man — with poems he may have written just for them or with a photograph which makes his partner look like a diva.

The Intellectual The absent-minded Professor figures as a more sedate variation of the Dorchester-SC adult fuckfriends artistic type but is no less attractive to women looking for a life of stability and intellectual discussion. Rather unfairly stereotyped as wearing different colored socks on either feet and perpetually looking for his reading glasses while they are perched right Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man his nose, the intellectual guy is often derided for lack of his social graces and romantic side.

Drawn-to-danger guy He is the one that almost all female fantasies are made of.

An earthquake expert, international spy, hot-shot war correspondent — call him by any name but the fact is he likes to live on Fbsm Bulgaria wanted Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man edge of safety.

He is happiest when flying from one trouble zone to another and bringing back images of what we in our pathetically-cocooned lives can only dream about.

It is this constant association of danger and impermanence which makes this guy incredibly irresistible to women. Fro their temporal presence never makes for more than a casual affair but then what an affair that is! The show-off Relationship experts often warn men not to show off when dating or make romanic much noise about their latest million-dollar condo.

At the same time though, when done with the right level of confidence and pizzazz, such expressions of vanity can attract women, particularly those who are in search of security and assurance from others. And indeed, there is usually Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man kernel of truth behind all that self-aggrandizement. More often than not such a guy will be successful in his profession and even hold a certain standing in society.

He will stand a woman up on dates, ask her to pay his bills and even flirt with other girls right before her eyes.

Nice Guy This is the kind of guy a woman is looking to take to meet her family. He is considerate of her emotions, never forgets to hold her jacket and always remembers the anniversary of their artisttic date.

The problem with him is that he is too predictable and does not mind people running him over. And if a woman really loves him, sometimes she suspects it is more Atractive artistic gal looking for creative intellectual romantic man of pity than out of respect.

Despite being the butt of many jokes, such guys are actually hard to come by and if a girl has just broken up with an unfeeling and uncaring ex, the soothing presence and the thoughtful attentions of this guy may be just the thing she needs.

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