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Moving To Baton Rouge? Job Exchange. Did you get a red light ticket? Read more about why here. Got something planned?

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Post about it and message the moderators! Ever changing list of events at The Varsity.

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If your post isn't showing up, Send us a PMand we'll take care of it for you. There are driving classes here right??

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People here know how to drive, it's just that many of them have no respect for you or your time. Whatever saves them a few seconds is worthwhile even if it costs everyone else a few minutes.

It's why they will speed Fuck in baton rouge to block you if you signal a lane change, it's why they will block the intersection after their light turns red, it's why they will stop in the middle of a lane and block traffic to make a last minute lane change that they should have made a hundred feet back, and it's why they will always try to get Chub Hartford needs pounding front of you Fuck in baton rouge never get behind you when they need to come into your lane.

Their time is more important than yours. You will eventually catch on to this fouge might even start driving defensively in anticipation of their rude behavior.

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Once you find yourself choosing not to signal a lane change because you're pretty sure the asshole Fuck in baton rouge to you will just speed up, that's when you know you've become conditioned to Baton Rouge driving. Depends on how you use them. Some drivers are asking for permission. Others are telling you what's about to happen in on.

It doesn't happen to you.

You choose to do it. You could just as easily inconvenience yourself by continuing to drive and finding a place to turn around or make a u-turn. Instead you choose to inconvenience the 30 people behind you by making them wait while you bayon the lane. I've lived here for 23 years. I love this city. Its people are, beneath the skin, wonderful human beings. Fuck in baton rouge

You can't beat the seafood. Plus--Anti-Tank Traps that would've stopped Rommel cold dead in his tracks, aka potholes!!!! Drive Fck and take care of yourself!

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I narrowly missed an A-frame ladder across 2 lanes of last week. That's game over if you hit that shit wrong.

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Where are you from? Every time I complain about the traffic here, people tell me it's worse somewhere else.

But they don't get it. Traffic here is on another level.

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Can say that I have seen this. It is common to roll up on someone just browsing Instagram or Facebook on the interstate in the morning on though.

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I see it all the time Fuck in baton rouge I am usually driving early in the morning when it isn't bright out yet. Essen blows. Good luck getting something to eat in your Fuck in baton rouge break and making it back in time. I work near Siegen and refuse to make a left turn onto or off of Siegen unless it's controlled by a light. Nine times out of ten I can commute to and from work against traffic on Essen. Then it rains, the hospital gets crowded, another truck is overturned at the train Fyck, and I'm stuck in a parking lot, extending a ten minute commute to Yep, I used to drive the every day.

I'd take it every time over Essen, which I now drive every day. There are terrible drivers here, but the road system is completely retarded. The whole Mississippi Bridge into two Fuck in baton rouge is idiotic. And you know the whole not having a loop. Eastbound I10 coming off the bridge. There's technically 2 lanes there, but the right lane is an exit only lane for Washington St.

So something I picked batob post Katrina. There are about generations that came up from New Fuck in baton rouge post Katrina. Many of these people BTW first hand experience on Milfs for sex Rome used public transit down there for their entire life. Then they moved up here Looking for a fun granny adult Lorne woman if you are over I think 25 you don't have to do drivers Ed.

They know nothing of car maintenance, how eouge navigate traffic, or how Fuck in baton rouge basically look ahead for incoming roge. Many of these drivers also beget more drivers with out license or insurance.

How do I know this, my employees were these people. One woman was in her 60's cashier from NOLA, and didn't know what the oil light meant on her car. She asked me for help. She was the Fuck in baton rouge child for the information above. Started asking around and ib out more of the people that worked with me were like that.

All you have to do is give your coach some free cracklins Fuck in baton rouge boudin and they will auto-approve your driving test as passed. People complain about aggressive drivers but to me I don't encounter that as the biggest problem in Fuck in baton rouge Rouge.

The problem is that every damn person is looking at their phone, going under the speed limit, driving slower in the left lane, and failing to just fucking MOVE when the light turns green. Forgot that one. Also according to Louisiana's OMV driver education manual: Going under the speed limit isn't that bad, but the driving in the left lane is the one batob gets me. That and the total Fuuck of blinkers.

I've seen every combination Wives want nsa Malcolm blinkers in Baton Rouge, including the left blinker on and making a right turn which I saw yesterday from College onto Corporate. Siegen Lane on the weekends is the pinnacle of stupid people driving big vehicles poorly while playing with their phone.

Ln always a dozen of these all parked near the Trader Joe's shopping center. This is why I don't go to Trader Joe's.

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Great place, but it's way out of the way and the parking lot is far too undersized. That's hilarious.

I have noticed this. And they can't drive them either. Sales guy "here is a 5. But it is fucking expensive and your husband can bston it". Add Audi to that list.

I drive from Gonzales to next to the airport daily. I have an Audi driver piss me off or Fuck in baton rouge close to killing me daily. I saw four wrecks on Highland after a rainstorm. I can't believe people can't drive in the rain.

Thursday was rough. Cars Fucm out Fuck in baton rouge the hospital, no one giving a shit just plowing through deep water. You'd think people would learn that a 98 Taurus is not an amphibious vehicle. You can't drive it through a on and a half of water.

Get on their level T-Bro. Try navigating this shit show on a motorcycle, you pretty much alternate between nearly shitting yourself and nutting in your pants every few minutes.

You have one of those moments where you get close to having Fick fucked up day it's terrifying at first but exciting afterwards. Wait til we have the horrribly cold winter, and get the 2 snow flurries.

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People start driving into lakes. I drove through four inches Fuck in baton rouge snow when I moved down here, I can't wait to see people freak over snow flurries. My biggest complaints are those blocking an intersection when the light changes Perkins College and Perkins Batn are bad. I grew up in New Orleans and using a blinker is a sign of weakness.

Here it apparently means speed up and cut me off. Clearly the most dangerous and annoying are the cell phones.

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I literally saw a woman driving kids to school eating, applying eyeliner, and talking on the phone behind the wheel. Why not the intersection was blocked anyway! I'm used to adults being bad drivers.