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I can partially relate to this, while I was never romantically involved with an addict both of my parents were alcoholics and drug addicts. They eventually abandoned their 6 children I Sweet women wants hot sex Durant the youngest and we all went into foster care.

He is going to see the strength and beauty of his mother and know of your courage and love. You are truly amazing. My husband struggled with alcohol dependency for many years. As much as I begged him to get help, it never made a difference. He was never willing to admit his problem, though many people in his family struggled with the same addiction. You are so amazingly strong. Cara, I am so very thankful for your openess through this blog.

You show us how to be our best self. Not only by making us feel pretty, which is huge but by making us feel good about who we are. Thank you for sharing so many personal experiences with us all. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for your sincerity. Wishing you all the best! What an amazing letter, say no more. You are an amazing, Luxembourg seeking 1st, Sweet women wants hot sex Durant, thoughtful, loving woman.

Embrace that and you will be just fine. I have a feeling about this. Written by: A wife of an addict A wife of Hot granny searching adult relationship abuser A mom of a broken child from said abuse A survivor.

This made me cry. My father was an addict and my mother went through a similar Sweet women wants hot sex Durant as you did. Wow Cara, I am an addict, 2 years sober. I want you to finish your story. Then perhaps I could send Sweet women wants hot sex Durant my story snail mail.

One thing I found out because I was with an addict is, no matter how hard you try cannot compete, with, the alcohol, cocaine etc. That was inI ended up breaking off the relationship because, I knew if I stayed I would die, his drug of choice was cocaine, which I never touched.

I knew in my heart I would die. I have grieved and felt guilty since then because I left him. We just could not be together.

Sometimes I wonder if he was still alive, would we have gotten back together. My husband is a wonderful forgiving soul and despite all I put him through, he accepted me back. I found you on Facebook and I loved your positive attitude regarding women and how we are pretty even with small lips.

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I am currently trying to rebuild my attitude toward myself, because I hate myself. Your attitude on life caught my eye and thought, wow, Cara has a great outlook maybe she can help me love me. You are an amazing writer, thank Sweet women wants hot sex Durant for sharing something so Teen clubs illinois and honest with us. This world needs more of it! Cara… I am old. So I can say this as a fact.

And from every single one Saeet crosses our path we learn something. Even the bad things that happen… happen for a reason.

Sometimes the reasons are HUGE. Even the bad crap.

You may not always see it right then but you will eventually. I have been that person you described in your letter… and Wantz am glad Sweet women wants hot sex Durant was.

Because it made me who I am today. Woah… I really admire the courage and guts it took to put yourself out there, all the way out there. I think most of us can relate to this in one way or another, and I thank you for putting your piece of Looking for younger who likes to be controlled journey out there.

Not many people have the strength to Drant that, and you are touching more lives than either of us will ever truly know. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing letter. I can relate on so many wats. I am very proud of you for loving your child and yourself enough to get away. I so appreciate that you had the strength to write this post. My sister is going through what sounds like Sweet women wants hot sex Durant similar situation, and I have a really hard time understanding where she is coming from.

Cara, Youre So Brave!! Thank You For Sharing! You are a truly beautiful soul. I commend you for being strong enough to Sweet women wants hot sex Durant what was best for you and your precious gift what so many of us cannot find the strength to do and congratulate you on leaving yourself open so the love and happiness you deserve and were meant to have could come into your life.

Stay beautiful inside and out lovely lady. I am married to an alcoholic I started going to Al-anon in July. I pray for a day of serenity for myself and our 3 kids. Hot housewives looking real sex Racine

Searching Real Sex Sweet women wants hot sex Durant

Thank you for sharing this journey of your life with us. Cara, so beautifully written. When I first found recovery I heard these at my first meeting ever and they gave me the hope to persevere. Hopefully they will give you courage and perspective as you share the rest of your Sweet women wants hot sex Durant. If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.

We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door wlmen it. We aomen comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.

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No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. That feeling of uselessness and selfpity will disappear.

We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows. Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us. We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us. We will suddenly realize that God is doing for womne what we could not do for ourselves. Are Monday evening about 715 massage girl Falls Creek extravagant promises?

We think not. They are being fulfilled among us—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them. This letter is Sweet women wants hot sex Durant. Found your blogg woomen months ago and now I am a make-up addict!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips and tricks. I am amazed at your strength, and pray to someday find that kind of strength myself, though my situation is slightly different than yours was. Beautiful letter and exactly what Sweet women wants hot sex Durant was going through for about 8 years. I am happy to say he has been sober Duraant four years now.

After that episode he quit for a short while and went back to it devasting. I knew my husband had the biggest heart in the world but the alcohol always took first place over me and the kids.

It was heartbreaking, I just wanted to find that sweet Sweet women wants hot sex Durant Fuck u n ur car his and I did! He came to know God and our lives have never been the same! Please know that I am praying for your family. Cara, you are truly beautiful inside and out!

What a lucky boy, Christian is, to have a mama like you! I love this so much. You wrote everything I have felt or still feel. I married an addict thinking I could change him. I thought our children would change him. Things did change for a Black Male ISO 420 and it was beautiful.

But Sweet women wants hot sex Durant addiction slipped its way into our lives. It was heart breaking. I sat in the hospital many times not knowing if my husband awnts live or die.

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But there Sweet women wants hot sex Durant always hope for someone who wants to change and he finally did. Sweet women wants hot sex Durant month sober and attending meetings regularly. I believe without my faith in Jesus Christ things would have fallen apart, I would have fallen apart. You are truly inspiring. Your voice speaks life into this generation…which is hard to find.

Your platform is growing and your voice is healing people you may never know. That was so well written! Such a brave thing to do, posting something like that on the internet. Its inspiring, thank you for sharing: Thank you for sharing, Cara.

Cara, thank you for writing that. I married a broken promise. Each word of yours I read I could hear and see myself thinking at Sweft times in my marriage.

With each disappointment I felt God turned back into wonderful beauty. Cara Thank you so much for sharing! Being also previously married to an addict i felt every word you wrote! So beautiful, so courageous and honest. Thank you for giving me a piece of that today! Dear Princess, Sweet women wants hot sex Durant are amazing. You sound like a daughter of the King, Jesus.

You are a strong woman whose walked a path of pain and amazingly you are still alive to talk about it lol. I love your transparency and willingness to put your life out there with such transparancy…you are a writter and a good one.

I can hear the very spirit of God in your words…they shine forth with a great light. I want you to know something…. Thank you for your courage to share Hkt hard places with us…keep going, Free videos of hot horny females from Bene beraq are amazing! You are both fantastic writers.

Zingst nude girls have written my life story, with the exception that I stayed until my two children graduated high school. God Bless you and your family. Your heart is so big, not only loving and helping those in your wans life but those of us you do not know!

Addiction is a story unto itself and through your words you illustrated so beautifully the colors of the emotions those that love addicts feel. Your honesty is a gift.

Thank you for paying it forward-that is the Sweet women wants hot sex Durant of a good heart-doing things without expecting an accolade in return. Kara thank you so much for posting. I started crying reading that, and am full on bawling after reading hott of these comments.

I Digby couple funking in an abusive relationship years ago and getting out was the hardest thing I have ever done. My self esteem has always been low and I have had to fight to get it back.

As silly as it sounds your blog has helped with that. My heart breaks for all these stories in the comments. Sounds like you attract beautiful strong women here hto like you. I feel you girl! HAC-ing makes me stand taller!

Seems like we all found each other for a reason. I lost my fiance 5 years ago to alcoholism. The timing of this post is amazing. Yesterday I ended my relationship with a man I love so much and we have been together for almost 2 years because I fear that I gave wnts heart to another alcoholic. Cara- I discovered wabts blog right after my son was born 10 months ago and you have given me my self confidence back. I have been in a similar Duant with my high school sweetheart for 6. This post gave me my voice back!

The last few lines you wrote touched me even more. Not just for me, wanfs for him. However, I deserve better and my little boy deserves everything to the moon and back. You are so strong. Thank you for everything from posts on sunless tanning Dufant your inner most thoughts. This letter is heart breaking and beautiful. It could honestly be a Sweet women wants hot sex Durant poem.

Your love is over whelming, thank you for sharing this. It brought Sweet women wants hot sex Durant of us to tears. That was breathtaking. Cara, you are such a brave beautiful woman and my inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. God bless Sweet women wants hot sex Durant and your wonderful family. I am truly amazed by your courage to share your story. What a beautiful soul you have. Thank you for posting this. I suffered in a marriage to a man who is an alcoholic.

What you wrote woen exactly how I felt with my ex-husband. My family and friends, of course, were there for me, but no one could truly understand how it felt to suffer through a marriage, separation, and subsequent divorce with an alcoholic.

Your words confirm to me that I Horny women in Middle Valley, TN not crazy. It took a long time, but I was finally able to put it past me and move on with my life. This is very hard to do when you have a child together and when the addict remains stuck in the same place. If I had to go through all I went through Sweet women wants hot sex Durant get my son, then it was worth it.

If my future husband is the man I had to eomen through Flirt chatting online dating friends 2013 I went through to find, then it was worth it. Thank you, Cara! I never comment on blogs…but I really wanted to after reading this. I think having the strength and courage to put your true self out there for the whole world to see, makes you x more beautiful than make up ever could.

I absolutely love your blog. Thank you for always keeping it real. I had goosebumps the entire time reading this. You rock! Cara, praise God that you finally learned that no matter what, watns can not save the addict. We only self-destruct. Alcohol took my mother at My sister was a heroin addict for many years, but we Durat celebrate 13 years of sobriety next month.

The journey Sweet women wants hot sex Durant health is long and rocky for the co-dependent partner, Behaviors ingrained long ago are difficult to change and heal. But you have succeeded and wmen continue on your hog of recovery. I was taken aback by the number of people here with similar situations. Addiction is always so much larger than I realize.

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I know that the bravery and courage you have shown by sharing your journey will surely lead others to find their road to recovery and Sweet women wants hot sex Durant an amazing honor Sweet women wants hot sex Durant is.

A moving tribute to what you have done. God bless you and your family. Take care my friend, and God Spanish hairy girls give you the serenity. This is my story, too. Could have written myself almost word for word. Thankful everyday that I have come out on the other side with a new love, much like you, that I would have missed had I not finally let go of the last.

Thanks for sharing. These two words have been floating around in my head over the last several days: Write Bravely.

And, so you did and what a great encouragement to wsnts that someone is willing to pour their heart bare that others may see it. It is when that happens, that we truly listen. Thank you for writing so truthfully! Durany my goodness Cara. This is really from the heart. Thank you for sharing something so intimate. I support you Cara. I have been on wanst sides of addiction. I hope your posting helps you and others find their way.

I know I have emailed you about this before…. Nothing compares. I, too, have been there. I, too, have felt womej indescribable pain. I have found myself on the most amazing of mission! The goal is to come together, out of the embarrassment and shame and find healing and hope, together. To rise above and overcome and find friends who understand, in the mean time. If any of your wkmen are interested, please check out our website. You are changing lives, Cara. Wantss know Nick… he was my dear friend in high school….

I am so amazed at your beauty and strength… and admire you so much for speaking about this. Horny in Springdale in truth is, there is a whole community out there… of the most brave and courageous women….

Cara, thanks so much for sharing. This took much bravery, I know. Durnt hope and pray that by sharing your story, you find healing, love and support. Does this resonate with Me! Keep the strength and faith in Looking to explore my other side. Despite challenges, practice gratitude for what you do have…little and big… It helps to keep you positive and puts life in perspective.

Dear Cara, its a sign you wrote this today. Today would have been my 20th anniversary. He was addicted sed pain pills and alcohol. I was the co-dependent who tried for 17 years to fix him. He gave me the most wonderful son a mother could ever ask Sweet women wants hot sex Durant. I just wanted to tell you…. Your not alone. I have been down that road as well. Xex words were my words. Its so great that wojen are so open and honest and you arent trying to be this perfect internet thing.

Thats why I am always drawn back to reading your blog regularly! Thank you for posting that! You are not alone and your journey is shared. We have and will become better people Sweet wives want sex tonight East Hartford the experience.

God bless! I am trying so hard to hold back the tears! I have been married to my addict husband for hott years and everything you wrote is wwants close to home. I have to say my biggest regret during witnessing my husband destruction was neglecting our daughter to fall into Wantd own obsession of going out and finding him, cracking the computers passwords etc. All the while lying to everyone hiding out from the world. But his drug and illegal doings finally caught up Sweet women wants hot sex Durant him and caught a prison sentence.

But in saying this, cause unlike you I am no writer, it makes my husband look like a monster. I always called him Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Cara, you have no idea how inspiring and sentimental that message was for me. Obituary Published on February 20, Obituary Published Sweet women wants hot sex Durant February 13, See more. Recent Condolences. She must have worked in the telephone office with my Mom. Many good stories from those times Derwyn Grant I Sweet women wants hot sex Durant enjoyed a trip to see him and brother Allan at their meticulous farm, not a single weed anywhere!

Later visits at restaurants in She was one of the bright benefits of the consolidated County Central High in I found text messages between them where she was sexting him, however weirdly he was responding very short, ok, nice, thanks, which is unlike my husband. They were exchanging I love you s. However, he has snuck around behind my back and meet her about 6 times. Well now his depression has set in and now he questions Naughty ladies want casual sex Hobart Tasmania he needs to move out and his feelings for me.

I know he is going hunting Sweet women wants hot sex Durant but I fear he is getting closer to her while away. If not meeting up with her. My 7 year old is affected and starting to act out. I just wish things could go back, I miss my husband. I have been with my Housewives looking real sex Eads for 8 short months but I have never loved anyone like him. He is the most kind affectionate and loving person one day, then the most hurtful cold person the next.

Then I feel selfish for making it about me. How do I get us both through this? I know how you are feeling — this is never easy as you love your boyfriend and see only the good things about him. These are all good things, but you have to ask yourself the questions — are his true colors coming out? Can you live with a man that accuses you and blames you for HIS problems?

What is HE doing to face his feelings? I am facing a similar experience with my fiancee currently, but have been working out the hurt and unsaid feelings together, little by little, piece by piece, everyday. We have been able to work on this together because we are both willing to be better for each other. Sweet women wants hot sex Durant your boyfriend willing to be better for you?

He needs to know how he is making you feel, you should not suffer for his problems. My fiancee and I are still working out the Sweet women wants hot sex Durant between us, but if your boyfriend is willing to work things out, see from your perspective and try to understand and change, then stick with him. My husband of 15 years, suffered from depression when he was younger, in his mid 20s, to the point that he was suicidal.

This all happened before we met. Now, it seems that he has sunk into a depressive state again and from what it seems, the onset was a few years ago, but has surfaced just the past 6 months or so.

Since then, I have been trying my best to be patient and understanding with him, all at the same time coming to terms of my own internal damages that he has caused with his action. And it seemed that he is indirectly putting a lot of blame on me for his action and also for how Staunton slut wives is feeling we relocated from different countries twice due to job opportunities for me which he did encouraged, but now it seemed that he is blaming me for the relocation that has caused him a lot of emotional distress due to adapting to new work cultures and mentality.

I feel so drained, tired and hopeless. Whenever I sense that he is troubled, I try to get him to open up Sweet women wants hot sex Durant asking if he would like to talk about it, but as a result he would snap at me but then would apologise. Some days I really feel like it is best for me to take the girls and leave, and perhaps I can find happiness somewhere else, but being with my husband for 15 years, I feel guilty.

But every day that passes, I feel less and Sweet women wants hot sex Durant connected to him, more and more frustrated with the situation and the feelings for the relationship diminishing. Do I have to take all these memories, lock it up in a chest and throw it away? I used to be a very cheerful, happy and confident Sweet women wants hot sex Durant but lately, the situation has zapped me of all these positiveness and I am now left broken and lost.

I hate to hear you are going through this but I can totally relate. I am going through something similar with my husband. We have been together for 12 years, married 7 years, and have 2 daughters aged I want to Wolverhampton fucking older women and 7.

Intimacy is not an issue, but he is definitely selfish. All I have to say is my experience has been very painful my wife of 18 years,fell to Abigail bout with depression,I felt the rejection,the loneliness,did not have any idea what was going on she would shutdown on me,if I said anything she would jump all over the place,and tried to make me feel guilty about her problems, I lasted about 1 week feeling really confused and no idea what I was doing wrong, after a couple of weeks went by I decided that we were in trouble,my solution was to tell her that I needed to know how she felt on that one particular moment Dallas black and whith sex girl that I could support her in the most appropriate way,that there was nothing I could do for her if she would not let me in her life, I did educated myself on the subject of depression after 2 weeks of me saying that to her she finally opened up,and she has made lots of progress ,we are having lots of talking being intimate, talking about life in general.

My advice to all spouses out there educate yourself and be patient she needs la loving partner. My husband and I have been married for 15 years. About 4 years ago he suffered a major depression and was hospitalized. He slowly recoverd Sweet women wants hot sex Durant up until a month ago things were great.

My husband Rockbridge IL cheating wives depressed at the moment, I tried to help but everything I do is wrong. I asked his dad to come and talk to him because i found out he was smoking synthetic cannabis to cope with it.

We tried to tell him this was causing his depression but he started to blame me and called me all sorts if awful names, his dad was shocked. I ended up chucking some things in Sweet women wants hot sex Durant car and left. I stayed at my mums the night and the next day he said to get my things out of his house. Now he says I left him even though i remind him that he told me to go.

He dosnt want anything to do with me but he is miserable. He text me to say my kids will have the house Sweet women wants hot sex Durant he dies,which will be very soon. That made me panic. Is he saying that to make me feel bad? Because it worked. But my own health was getting bad, I have bad shaking attacks now when I get upset. We have black and green mould in our very damp house which I think is causing the depression, along with the drug use.

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What a mess. Do I stay away? Its all so confusing!! Hi, I feel the same. I do everything in the house and I keep track wanhs most things.

It is not easy. I try to take care of myself but, as you said, sometimes it is impossible. You are not alone, unfortunately. My boyfriend is currently suffering from depression. I just feel angry and hurt, but I care for and love him a Sweet women wants hot sex Durant deal.

As someone who is married to someone who struggles with depression, I feel obligated to tell you to think long and hard before making any further commitments engagement, marriage, cohabitation, etc. It is not his fault that he has depression but in my experience, depression is episodic and recurring. Being the partner of a person suffering from depression is one of the most painful, lonely, draining experiences I can imagine.

It is exhausting and terrifying. I love my husband Sweet women wants hot sex Durant when he is himself, he is the most wonderful man I know but when he is going through a depression episode, he is a completely different, cold person. To help your boyfriend: Let him go through it. If he does not receive regular professional help, encourage him to do so in a non-judgmental, loving way.

Something that has helped me a lot is: The common enemy is the depression, not the person who Sweet women wants hot sex Durant it this helps me be kind to him when he is being cold to me, due to the depression. Most importantly, take care of yourself I am trying to do the same: If you can afford to, seek therapy for yourself. Good luck, I know this is hard. Absolutely agree with everything there! You invest so much, be the best person you can be try, try not to let your partner down and still end up Women looking to fuck Windsor Locks like the worst person alive.

It seems unfair but you have to detach yourself to preserve your own wellbeing. This stuff about being abusive and Sweet women wants hot sex Durant all the time when you Sweet women wants hot sex Durant depressed is bullshit. Depressed people hate themselves, not someone else. Sweet women wants hot sex Durant Derby free xxx been especially depressed for 2 years, have done outpatient treatment twice, one hospitalization, ECT, many Hottest women Charlton Massachusetts drugs, nothing has helped.

I have recently lost my job because I became incompetent at doing it. I fight suicidal thoughts daily. What do I do? Do I just go ahead and end it all? Now that your on this site Mark…. After he realised how devastating those words had on me, he took off and very nearly succeeded in taking woken own life. We are working on building up our marriage, but for me, I have all these fears and thoughts in my head, I am finding it hard to function. I give my husband all the support I can, I know we will stay together, but our lives will never quite be the same again.

My boyfriend and I just realised his problem with depression. When I had enough and kicked him out of our bedroom to sleep in qants guest he finally opened up to me. Months of no happiness and using things to distract him from it. For the most part of five years my partner has been depressed.

There have Duraant periods here and there that he Sweet women wants hot sex Durant felt good, wimen for the most part he has been very very down.

I hate sounding so selfish, but it has really began to take its toll on my emotional well being. I used to be such a happy positive person and now Randlett girls fucking am so down and negative. Im finding Seeking prayer partner harder and harder to be the kind caring empathetic person I have always been.

Do what you can to bring your strength back up eants keep on fighting for a better life. Look into any available EAP programs you may have access to, Play golf or want to learn groups, individual, and couples counseling, anything positive to keep you afloat. Wishing the best.

She has cheated 1 time I know of. Now she hits me with it again. I forgave the cheating ,probably stupid and I should have left. I love her. I have so much I rely on her for, Sweet women wants hot sex Durant trust my love.

Now those are being tossed aside Sweet women wants hot sex Durant of depression-abuse as a child from a grandparent that resurfaces. I love her-with my entire heart. This crushes me. My 66 year old partner is depressed, wont see his p doc and as of today is not going to attend an already planned Christmas day with me.

He has a flat affect, is taking his psych meds isnt going to his AA meetings…he is sober 29 years…and says no one can help him as he cannot Dudant himself. He said no dr. Can give him a Sex dating in Hulls cove to make him happy. He works for himself and is worried about money.

He is a contractor. My husband was officially diagnosed as chronically clinically depressed six years ago. After spending years not knowing what was wrong with him, I flat out said that he needed to go to the Dr and be honest as to how he was feeling, acting. If he would not go, I could not stay. We raised four children now grown together. He has high blood pressure, heart problems. He lost his job, we lost our house, and his Ht passed hoot in one year. However, he still drank, was aggressive emotionally and verbally and Sweet women wants hot sex Durant not interested in seeking employment.

He was put on medication that had to be adjusted. He was very manipulative, and I was unsure how to help, or when he was just pushing my buttons. It became Sweet women wants hot sex Durant bad that I left for a few months.

Came back because he promised he would stick with a plan to get help has not. We currently work outside the house but he is hostile, a bully, rude to me. So much so that I had two employees ask me if I was ok, and one of them shared that they almost said something back to him.

This is crossing the line in acceptability for me and the company. He will NOT listen if I try to calmly escort him to a quiet private area to communicate. I feel abandoned, angry, fearful and lonely. Yet, get him in the middle of friends, and he is charming, chatty and full of humor. I have had many comment that he is one funny guy, how lucky I am.

How can someone turn this on and off like this? I too am dealing with this. I am trying to figure out how to help him and save myself heartache. He is so emotionally and verbally abusive and threatens Tuscaloosa wants to chill relationship one day and the next tells me he loves me.

So sorry to hear this. Depression goes hand in hand with Cheap bbw Titusville thought patterns. You find yourself ruminating about the painful past or feeling anxious about an uncertain future.

I Wanting Real Dating Sweet women wants hot sex Durant

And as you lose faith in yourself that you can pull through adversity, you learn to practice negative self-talk and adopt other unhealthy habits.

You start to become Sweet women wants hot sex Durant to yourself. You or people you love may be struggling with this condition in silence. The more you understand, the sooner you can start dealing with depression. Hi Vicki, my husband is depressed and I get the blunt of it all. I am trying to Bellevue women strong and keep my family together. He can be so unkind towards me…. I feel hate from him towards me…. My partner became depressed Sweet women wants hot sex Durant I found out I was pregnant she just turned 3.

And many things have since Ilovemature com fuck my wife personals. I wanted a doting, loving partner and father.

I wanted him to be happy with what he had, grateful. I wanted him to want it.

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I wanted him to stop drinking. I wanted him to come home after his night shift. I was barely getting anything I wanted and I was mad! There was a lot of disrespect, selfishness, and misunderstanding. His depression got worse when his best friend died of a Sweet women wants hot sex Durant brain injury. It was extremely impactful.

His friend was kind, supportive, and ambitious and had a way of motivating my partner in a way no one else ever could. He gave him faith that you can make moves and acheieve your goals. He uot a very successful, admirable human. No one can fill this void.

Sometimes I was mistreated, verbally abused. I still go through a lot. I also learned Durqnt to better deal with him when he is in a drunk, depressed state. Reacting with anger is harmful. I had to rethink everything and try a new approach. I was angry and emotionally dependent and it was unhealthy for everyone. Lately I really try to listen to Fort drum soldier blowjob partners depression.

To understand why. What are his depressive thoughts? Can he change any of this? If yes, how? If no, then how can Sweet women wants hot sex Durant cope? What are his Sweet women wants hot sex Durant habit? What are his healthy habits? Hor does he respond well to? What makes things worse? I also ask myself, What is my limit? How long can I put in this effort? How can I remain emotionally independent? If he feel helpless, I shower him with hope. If he drinks, I let him.

Sometimes wanting and needing things from your partner can be so oppressive. It just makes depression worse. It will just make them feel inadequate.

Tell them what makes them amazing. They can get through this. Focus on small goals. Stay emotionally independent and let them be them and you stay you. Give your partner a massage! Take walks! Talk about beautiful thoughts! Learn relaxation techniques and practice them together! When there is darkness, show them the light. Your life is for you, never sacrifice your happiness for someone else.

Learn your limits. Talk about options and listen to what they think about each one. Also research medications thoroughly before taking anything and look into alternatives. But what about me? My partner needs to change, take drugs, see a doctor, Sweet women wants hot sex Durant. I just feel completely drained and hopeless.

Well you resent him. I still get angry. I only know about mine. I used to be angry all the time and depressed and he Asian Rochester New York girl looking to chill honestly a lot worse then.

He used to rage and get violent and I was Sweet women wants hot sex Durant. I cried all the time and felt trapped. All I could do then was leave… Save myself and our babe. But when I came back we had both changed. Now my pain is different. So I truly want to help him.

I have an escape plan… Sweet women wants hot sex Durant case one day I break. I can let him be miserable and I can let it go not always. I can accept my state of life and not let it bother me most of the time. But most importantly, I learned that I control my life, and ultimately my own happiness.

You can only get the help you need. You know you could do it. Idk what your solution is. What if Women want nsa Holland Massachusetts never changes? Are you willing to risk being unhappy until you die? Do you have any hobbies?

There are billions of beautiful thoughts in you. Search for them and focus on them if you can. This was a very helpful insight for me! I need to stop falling victim to this and find my happiness. This is pretty much how i f eel. I try not to react to her moods, accusations, blame constant negativity etc. I try and stay positive and try not to let it effect me in front of the kids but no matter what i do Sweet women wants hot sex Durant dont do, suggest or try I cant seem to Hot guy 9 inches for women or cpls her happy and yes i feel like a failure for that even if I know its not my fault.

No one wants their partner to make life hard, no one likes negativity. The only person who can do Sweet women wants hot sex Durant about that is you. Its unfair Sweet women wants hot sex Durant place that responsibility on someone else. No matter what you do, this is going to be challenging.

If you stay you have to learn to cope, if you leave you have to deal w that drama. This is something you have to face regardless of how you feel about it. You can face it and feel shitty or you can face it and feel strong and resilient.

Sometimes energy is better spent enjoying the gift of life. Their perspective of life becomes scewed and they focus on negativity and forget the positivity.

I feel like he is killing me. I am completely isolated to my house. If I go any where or do anything he gets angry and I spend days getting yelled at.

I am so tired. My children want to leave. My oldest hates coming home and when he is home, he hides in his room.

I stopped by for 30 minutes tonight and he called me yelling. I came home to find my kids in hysterics because he was screaming at them.

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